Ashes & Fire

Live and love with such intensity that on the day death comes there is nothing left for him to take.

Life skills include: inadvertently being a giant jackass and feeling terrible for the next three days.

Dear band friends,

I could use your help.

We’re having some trouble locking in two days for the tour Actor|Observer is going on in May. If you know of any shows in these areas, or could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful. We’re looking for 5/16- NY(Long Island/NYC) 5/18- Philadelphia, PA(or somewhere nearby) Any/all help is appeciated!

A new Batman animated short from the genius Bruce Timm titled “Strange Days” celebrating the 75th anniversary of The Caped Crusader.


—I Wish I Was Honest



Hey guys my band Northernmost just dropped our first single! If you like what you hear you can preorder the vinyl here, or download the single for free on our bandcamp. Big thanks to the talented Mike Moschetto for mixing/mastering everything and thank you to anyone who has supported us up to this point. Full length due out May 1st.

go listen to this cause it’s rly good


—Good Friends, Bad Habits


Owen - Good Friends, Bad Habits

I’ve good friends with bad habits
But what’s a boy without a voice to do?
Literary romantics
They fuck like Wilde
They’ll die like Hemingway

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La Dispute

—You And I In Unison


No one should ever have to walk through the fire alone.
No one should ever have to brave that storm. No.

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